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Nexuiz Latest News

Nexuiz Xbox 360 servers close down, PC servers "controlled 100%" by IllFonic

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Developer IllFonic has explained why the Xbox Live servers for Nexuiz have shut down. They were controlled and paid for by THQ, and as the publisher no longer exists to pay the bills they got turned off.

Fortunately the PC servers are completely controlled by IllFonic and will continue on. While it's possible they could buy the Xbox 360 servers from THQ, they "cannot justify the cost" right now.

Major Nelson reveals Marketplace content for 26th June to 9th July

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Major Nelson has revealed the content that will be hitting Xbox Live Marketplace for the next two weeks from the 26th June to the 9th July. The most noteworthy content hitting Marketplace is the highly anticipated Dawnguard expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which will run gamers a whole 1600 MSP ($19.99 USD), as well as the free Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut and the Close Quarters expansion for Battlefield 3 for 1200 MSP ($14.99 USD).

Nexuiz PC beta ready and waiting

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The PC beta for THQ's arena-shooter Nexuiz is now live.

Revelations "Lost Archive" DLC, FIFA Street demo coming to Marketplace next week

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A few days ago, GameStop revealed that a new DLC pack, "Lost Archive", was being released for Assassin's Creed: Revelations on the 28th February. The Major Nelson blog has confirmed that UbiSoft's unannounced downloadable content will be coming to Marketplace on that date.

Major Nelson also revealed that a FIFA Street demo will be hitting on the 28th as well.

THQ reveals date and price for Nexuiz

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THQ has announced that Nexuiz will launch on the Xbox Live Arcade as part of Microsoft's 'House Party' season on 29th February for 800 Microsoft points.

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