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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Features

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Interview: We wade through the waters to bring you an interview with Executive Producer Adam Parsons...

The last Operation Flashpoint game was interesting, but sadly flawed. The big open worlds, the sand-box approach to the mission objectives, and the inflated realism mixed in with high-paced action - all sounded great in theory, but a poor online population , dodgy AI and a myriad of other bugs and nuisances just brought it all down. Red River, the sequel, hopes to blow...

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Preview: We gear up for some co-operative modern warfare in Codemasters' latest shooter.

Codemasters’ warfare simulation series returns with Operation Flashpoint: Red River. All is not well in Tajikistan, the Middle Eastern country that borders both Afghanistan and China. United States forces are called in to deal with a civil war, only to have the People’s Liberation Army of China (the main opposing force from the previous game in the series) launch a campaign to...