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Papers, Please Summary

Latest news's Spring Insomnia Sale with games 90% off, "very limited numbers"

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Paranoia is your friend as starts their Spring Insomnia Sale with titles up to 90%, but only for as long as 'stock' remains, meaning each sale has a limited number of slots before moving on.

This "grueling, nightmarish experience" returns and will keep going until the limited sales dry up. Titles included will be Papers Please and Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Full list of IGF nominees revealed

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The final list of nominees for the 16th Independent Games Festival has been revealed, with cult hits Papers Please and The Stanley Parable receiving the most nominations.

Communist border crossing immigration official sim Papers, Please! now available

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Indie developer 3909 LLC has released its much talked about border crossing immigration official sim, Papers, Please!, which gives the gamer the experience of being a bureaucrat in an oppressive Communist country forced to determine if people crossing the border are simple immigrants or enemy agents.

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