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Paranautical Activity back on Steam with 'Deluxe Atonement Edition'

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Code Avarice's Paranautical Activity is now back on Steam following its exile after a certain someone threatened to do harm to Valve's Gabe Newell. It turns out threatening Gabe 'PC messiah' Newell wasn't a clever PR move.

The studio has since sold the IP and game to Digerati Distribution, who has now brought Paranautical Activity back to Steam as a special Deluxe Atonement Edition. It's a first-person roguelike in voxel style.

Developer Mike Maulbeck returns to Code Avarice after resignation‏

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It all seemed pretty bleak for Code Avarice developer Mike Maulbeck a few weeks back, when his ill-advised mock threats to kill Valve’s Gabe Newell caused Paranautical Activity to be pulled from Steam.

After resigning from the studio following the subsequent uproar, Code Avarice has announced in a new blog post that he's now back working for them.

Paranautical Activity starts Kickstarter drive

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New Jersey-based developer Code Avarice has started a Kickstarter drive for its blocky shooter Paranautical Activity, which the developer states combines "classic FPS action from Doom & Quake with randomness of roguelikes like Isaac & Spelunky."