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XCOM: Enemy Unknown meets Mission: Impossible! But not as good as that pitch suggests.

Latest Updates

Phantom Doctrine gets Free Halloween DLC, Special Sale

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Developers are applying special Halloween scare tactics to their spytastic action thriller, with a portion of the strategy constituting a rather timely discount.

Phantom Doctrine: Patch 1.0.2 Is Now Out

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Developers of Phantom Doctrine continue their crusade against game-killing bugs and balance issues. Here's their latest offering.

Patch 1.0.1 Released For Phantom Doctrine

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Though plagued with problems that seem as odd as they are improbable, Phantom Doctrine is getting fixes left and right.

Phantom Doctrine, The Spy-Themed XCOM-Alike, Will Have a Rather Long Campaign

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Developers have come out to confirm just how long the upcoming turn-based spy thriller's singleplayer story mode will be. Also, we've got the release date.