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Q-Games: Steam "most appropriate" for PixelJunk 1-6, not abandoning PlayStation

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Developer Q-Games is known for their digital releases through the PlayStation Network, which is why their latest project 1-6 has given fans of the studio such a stark awakening; it's for PC.

Specifically 1-6 will be released through Steam, because it "gives us the freedom" to be "completely transparent" in the development process. It's the "best platform around" right now for iteration.

PixelJunk blowout sale on PSN from 8th-15th May

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Sony has announced that for the next week, in preparation for the upcoming PixelJunk 4AM, there will be a blowout of PixelJunk titles on PlayStation Network starting the 8th May for a week. Some of the games will be as low as $1.

PixelJunk Eden curling its way onto Steam on 2nd February

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Another of Q-Games' PixelJunk titles will be arriving on PC after enjoying exclusivity on the PlayStation Network. This time, the developer's psychedelic PixelJunk Eden will be hitting Steam on the 2nd February.

Q-Games has 3 titles at E3 next week

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PixelJunk developer Q-Games has not one, not two but three of their titles they'll be showcasing at E3 2011 which kicks of next week in Los Angeles.

CEO Dylan Cuthbert jokes it has to be "some kind of record" for a small studio like Q-Games. Music-based PixelJunk Lifelike is confirmed as one of them.

PixelJunk talks PSN, Sony "will lose developers" if not careful

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Dylan Cuthbert, boss of PixelJunk, has said Sony are "running around patching holes" right now with "something more concrete to say" in a week or two.

He believes Sony will need to compensate studios, or help them out somehow given the PSN outage costing them revenue. PixelJunk is predominantly online.

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