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Preview: Chris Capel breaks two rules: never talk about politics and never work with animals..

“Never get involved with politics” my dear mother told me, “it’ll make everyone hate you”. Wise words, but Mum never counted on me turning into a faded rock star pig. You may find political games boring (outside of Civilization or Total War of course), especially ones based entirely around winning elections, but Philippines-based developer Squeaky Wheel aims to change all that. Their first...

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Interview: We talk to Ryan Sumo at Squeaky Wheel about elections, sleazy crocodiles, and the Philippines.

In the mix of the burly space marines, the World War One soldiers, the supernatural assassins, and even the chameleon/bat combos at EGX 2016 this year there stood a little game about animals running to be elected President of their group of islands. This game is Political Animals and it’s looking pretty lovely so far. You can...