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14 new indie games approved by Steam Greenlight

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Valve has announced 16 applicants at Steam Greenlight, fourteen of which are indie games, have been approved for Steam listing.

Project Awakened gets Unreal Engine 4 tech demo, 5 days left on Kickstarter

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Developer Phosphor Games Studio has released the first footage of their Project Awakened game using the Unreal Engine 4 beast from Epic Games. The footage is split into three sections to entice backers.

The first is a story "tone piece" for the game world, the second is on the "amazing level of detail" in character creation and powers, and thirdly on equipment and customisable outfits.

Kickstarter game Project Awakened hits Steam Greenlight

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Phosphor Games Studio launched its massively modifiable third person shooter Project Awakened on Kickstarter last week, and the game has already raised a fifth of its $500K funding goal. The game has now hit Steam Greenlight as well.