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Project Spark now completely free-to-play

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Microsoft has announced on its official blog that Project Spark will be going completely free-to-play. Gamers who recently purchased the game and downloadable content packs will be reimbursed. The publisher will no longer produce DLC for it, and is leaving content creation in the hands of the public.

Intro cutscene for Project Spark released by Microsoft

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Microsoft's free-to-play game construction kit, Project Spark, will be arriving on Windows 8 PCs, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with support from Windows Phones and Surface tablets, in 2014.

The publisher has revealed the intro cutscene for the gamemaking software.

Spencer: Microsoft "starting to look at bigger and core gamer things" for PC

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Too little too late? Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer has admitted the company "lost our way a bit in supporting Windows games," with the disastrous experiment of Games for Windows Live ending in 2014.

However VP Spencer declares: "...we're back." Windows is "incredibly important," and so we'll be seeing "more stuff on Windows" in first-party form. Lightweight and casual "covered".

X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, The Force Unleashed recreated with Project Spark

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Microsoft held a 40 minute live demonstration of their free-to-play game making sim Project Spark, whose flexibility was shown off at E3 2013 when recreations of Limbo and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved - among other games - where displayed.

Microsoft open beta registration for game-maker Project Spark

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The curious game wot makes games - Project Spark - is now open to beta registrations. The title was shown off during the Microsoft E3 conference, where players sculpt their own open world environments.

They can then fill those creations with settlements and NPCs, before dabbling in some scripted quests and the like. The selling point is sharing these 'games' and even remixing.