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Psychonauts 2 Delayed to 2020

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Psychonauts 2's release date has been pushed back to 2020 as developer Double Fine wants "the game to be as good as possible".

E3 2019: Double Fine Becomes Microsoft's Latest Acquisition

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Microsoft in the past year has been on a feeding frenzy, acquiring developers left and right. Their latest studio acquisition announcement was a jaw-dropper, as Microsoft announced they were in the process of bringing none other than Double Fine into the fold.

Psychonauts 2 Delayed To 2019, Reveals New Characters in Raz's Family

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The latest Fig update to Psychonauts 2 reveals all the details of main character Raz's acrobatic family, but Double Fine sadly announces that the game will NOT be coming out in 2018 as originally planned.

The greatest game ever made, Psychonauts, is free for just two days

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Seriously people, Psychonauts is free on Humble Bundle for a limited time and you're here reading this sub-headline? Come inside, grab the link, and go get!

Rare-influenced 3D platformer A Hat In Time gets October 5 release date with Psychonauts 2 and mod support

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The crowdfunded platformer will receive official mods based on Psychonauts 2, Freedom Planet 2, Hyper Light Drifter, Shovel Knight and more.

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