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A brilliant game of a genious! · by Geforcer ·

For some, maybe I am exaggerating, but for others I totally hit the spot. I must be honest, I think this game is one of the best games EVER.
A very fun platform game with just the right twist of humor, interesting characters, non-repetitive level design and great soundtrack. Everything the game needs to be awesome!
You are Raz, a boy with psychic abilities that runs away from home to join the training camp for Psychonauts, secret agents that use psychic powers. All is great until one day people show up brainless - literally! Then Raz takes overs matters in his own hands... or brain. He helps people resolve their psychic issues by entering their brain and fighting the problems. And because every brain is different, the levels are completely different. That is one of the great things about this game - it never gets boring and holds you until the end!

Also, one more interesting thing about this game is that, at first, nobody wanted it. Tim Shaffer went from one publisher to another, just to be turned down with skepticism and words: "It isn't good enough.". When almost all hope was lost that the game will see the light of the day, Majesco accepted to publish it. And the star was born! Although the game had a very big fan base, it sold poorly for some reason. It was sold in only 400,000 copies, not counting the digital version.
If you didn't play this game, try it! You won't be dissapointed. ;)

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