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Psychonauts Summary

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Zombie Vikings enjoys Psychonauts crossover with free Raz-ombie DLC

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Zoink Games has announced that to celebrate the success of Psychonauts 2 on the Fig crowdfunding service, side-scrolling brawler Zombie Vikings will be getting some free DLC in the form of Raz-ombie.

Double Fine offers a retrospective look at Psychonauts

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Psychonauts 2 is well on its way to success in its crowdfunding campaign, but Double Fine hasn't forgotten what it took to get this far. Tim Schafer's development studio has released a three part in-depth look at the challenges and successes that the original Psychonauts faced.

Double Fine project lead Brad Muir moving to Valve

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Double Fine project lead Brad Muir has revealed that he is joining Valve Software later this year.

Double Fine an "alternative" publisher, offer "a way for indies to stay indie"

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Psychonauts and Broken Age developer Double Fine is getting into the publishing business - sort of - with their focus on lending assistance to indie teams. Escape Goat 2 for PC is partly their doing.

The studio wants to help indies "build their own community and empower them" so they don't become dependent on traditional publishers, or even Double Fine for that matter.

Self-publishing keeps Double Fine afloat, Psychonauts sales 'a steady income'

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Tim Schafer has said the last two years of Psychonauts sales has been worth more to them than any period before that, simply because Double Fine acquired self-publishing rights to the IP.

Any time there's a Steam sale "it's generating a bunch of money" for the developer, which helps them steer clear of bad publishing deals with "terrible recoup terms".

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