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Quake Live launches on Steamworks

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The folks behind Quake Live have proudly announced that they're utilizing a ton of options on Steam in support of their online shooter. Among the many options that will be available on Steamworks, Quake Live is LAN, dedicated servers, and the Workshop, allowing modders to get in on the fun.

Free-to-play arena shooter Quake Live makes its way to Steam

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Fancy leaping around firing rocket launchers into burly soldiers? Of course you do. Free-to-play shooter Quake Live is now available on Steam.

Bethesda's throwback to the glory years of the arena shooter was previously available as a browser game, and the Steam release coincides with a raft of gameplay tweaks aimed at making the game more friendly to beginners.

Quake Live going from browser-based to digital release

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For those of you who prefer digital over browser-based, Quake Live will be re-released as the former after years of enjoying success as the latter. The browser-based format is being ditched due to changes in the way plugin-based games are supported by popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Quake Live receives Premium Pack 12, premium content free until May 6th

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Bethesda have released the Premium Pack 12 for the free-to-play browser shooter Quake Live, which is also getting a week of free premium content to enjoy for all, ending May 6th.

That means over 50 premium arenas, 6 game modes and all premium in-game features are accessible for nothing. Pack 12 adds 5 new game modes and 4 arenas.

Premium Pak 8 now active on Quake Live, Bethesda spill details

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The latest major update to Quake Live is now up and running with two new Premium Arenas, and new Start-a-Match features for Pro Subs and FreezeTag.

There's better "mouse input code," a TeamKill snitch complaint system, an overhauled InstaGib system, forfeit options and gameplay tweaks a plenty.

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