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Fan-made mod improves PC Resident Evil 4's HD textures

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The Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition sort of... wasn't, really. It was still Resi 4, of course, and therefore brilliant, but PC players who had been hoping to experience Capcom's action horror classic in the best way possible were left slightly underwhelmed by some fairly muddy texture work.

Leave it to the fans to sort things out. Two plucky modders simply known as Cris and Albert have been revising and polishing the game's graphics for the Resident Evil 4 HD Project. They're about 50% done right now, but as this trailer shows, things are looking good.

Capcom offer fans chance to be featured in upcoming game

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Want people to see your mug in a Capcom title? The studio is offering fans the chance to do just that by reciting your favourite Resident Evil moments. Capcom are accepting entries until April 14th.

They are taking nostalgia submissions through the Resident Evil Facebook page, tweets with tag #REmemory, or by linking them YouTube videos. It's unclear if it would be a Resident Evil title.

Capcom releases Resident Evil 4 HD comparison screenshots for PC

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Earlier this week Capcom announced that it would be releasing an updated HD version of Resident Evil 4 on Steam, which includes updated visuals and Steam features such as trading cards and achievements when it launches on 28th February.

Today they've released some comparison screenshots to show off the changes made to the textures so you can see what improvements have been made. You can view all the screenshots below which are taken from the game running at 1920x1080.

Capcom announce Resident Evil 4 HD coming to PC February 28th

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Rejoice classic Resident Evil fans because Capcom are bringing the "ultimate HD edition" of Resident Evil 4 to PC. It will arrive at the end of February through Steam, and you can enjoy it at 60 FPS "for the first time."

A digital soundtrack accompanies the Steam pre-purchase campaign going live today. The PC HD version also has Steam achievements, cloud saving and full controller support.

PSN Plus features Resident Evil discounts this week

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This week's deals for PlayStation Network Plus members includes discounts of up to 65% off games in the Resident Evil series. In addition, the puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone, which debuts this week on PSN, features a 20% off its launch price of $9.99 for subscribers.

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