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Rift Features

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Interview: We talk to one of the masterminds behind this surprisingly interesting MMO...

Fresh from a recent hands on session with RIFT, Strategy Informer got to talk to one of the brains of the outfit. Will Cook, Dynamic Content Designer and MMO veteran shares with us his hopes and dreams for the game, as well as his view on the genre as a whole. Enjoy! Strategy Informer: In the past couple of...

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Preview: This is one MMO you'll want to keep your eye on...

Never judge a book by its cover. Or in RIFT's case, never judge an MMO just because it has magic, fantasy monsters and is, well, an MMO. A combination of Trion's own policy at hype management, and the game's easy-to-stereotype image on first glance has meant that RIFT has kind of snuck up on us. But like a Master Ninja, it pounced and garrotted us with its razor wire of...