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Rise of Venice Latest News

Beyond the Sea expansion for Rise of Venice now available

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As promised, the Beyond the Sea expansion is now available for the Renaissance era trading sim Rise of Venice.

Rise of Venice gets "Beyond the Sea" expansion on 21st November

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Kalypso has announced a new expansion for their Renaissance trading sim Rise of Venice called "Beyond the Sea", which will allow players to trade their goods in distant lands.

Naval combat walkthrough video released for Rise of Venice

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Kalypso has released a new walkthrough trailer for the naval combat featured in their Renaissance-era political intrigue/trading simulation game, Rise of Venice. The walkthrough discusses ship-to-ship combat, ship outfitting, and weapon variety and selection.

Rise of Venice developer diary shows off trading mechanic

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Kalypso Media has released a new developer diary for its Renaissance-era trading game, Rise of Venice, which will be released on the 27th September.

Rise of Venice closed beta signups begin, "only 50 slots available"

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Better act fast if you want a chance to enter the closed beta test for Kalypso Media's Rise of Venice. It's a Renaissance era merchant simulator with a full story, trading, family tree and more to juggle.

You'll be able to build up production chains and trading fleets, as well as influence political powers. Kalypso promise "furious sea battles" to protect what's yours, and take what's theirs.

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