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Rocksmith 2014 Summary

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Rocksmith 2014 releases Muse DLC pack

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Rocksmith 2014 developer Ubisoft releases a Muse DLC pack featuring several of the band's most popular hits.

Batman: Arkham Origins glides to UK chart top, matches Arkham Asylum debut

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WB Games' Batman: Arkham Origins, the first in the series not from Rocksteady, is perched atop the UK chart. It has almost matched Arkham Asylum's week one sales, but not follow-up Arkham City.

Rocksteady's sequel is near double that of Arkham Origins in opening sales. Grand Theft Auto V has slipped second, followed by FIFA 14 third. Rocksmith 2014 launched fifteenth.

Rocksmith 2014 comes out the 25th October

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Ubisoft has announced that Rocksmith 2014 will be launched on Friday, the 25th October. The guitar game aims to teach novices how to rock out on an axe in real life in just 60 days.