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Crusader Kings II "could be the golf of e-sports," Paradox now has "less focus on genre, and more focus on our core pillars"

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We chatted with CEO Fredrik Wester and COO Susana Meza of Paradox Interactive at PDXCON this month, and an interesting musing came up. What if Crusader Kings II was in the e-sports arena?

Not that anything would come of it, but Wester notes e-sports today is where "something is happening all the time," but a lot of people watch golf, so could Crusader Kings II find an audience?

Paradox cancels Norse-themed RPG Runemaster

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Paradox has cancelled its Norse-themed RPG Runemaster, and moved the development team working on it onto other projects at the studio.

In a post on the Paradox Plaza forums, the company's COO Susana Meza Graham explained that in its current state the project was “unable to live up to the standards” the studio demands.

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