Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Features

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Preview: The world of Ancaria is ready to welcome Xbox 360 gamers to the chaos that Sacred 2 contains..

Having seen very little fantasy games published on the Xbox 360, gamers should welcome Sacred 2: Fallen Angel with open arms when it launches at the end of March. What does it offer for those looking for a fantasy RPG? The answer is it offers a beautiful four-player cooperative experience that players can drop-in and drop-out of at anytime. Let’s take a quick look at a few features that...

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Interview: If you're looking forward to the upcoming release of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel then you should check out our new interview with Alan Wild, International Product Manager for Ascaron Entertainment.

Mike Bowden: Although it enjoyed massive success, Sacred was described as a ‘Diablo Clone’ how did this affect the team and how much does this play on you now that a sequel is on the way?Alan Wild: When you’re producing a new game in an existing genre, it’s inevitable that your game will be compared to the leading titles of...