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There’s no denying, Saint’s Row 2 is pure entertainment and last time we checked, that most definitely isn’t a sin.

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PS one Imports now on EU PlayStation Store, Borderlands sale

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This week's sprucing up of the EU PlayStation Store heralds PS one Imports from Japan, while everybody gets a huge discount for Borderlands GotY.

Ape Escape, Crysis, Homefront, De Blob 2, Saints Row 2 and more all join PSN digitally. There's a free F-15C Death Rider for Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

Latest Xbox Live schedule details

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Major Nelson has posted the latest happenings for the Xbox Live Marketplace from now until October 17th. Four new titles out on Xbox Live Arcade today.

A Bethesda sale is running until October 10th with 50 percent off, including Fallout: New Vegas. Next week Saints Row 2 and its DLC discounts.

US PlayStation Store with NBA 2K12 and Burnout Crash! demo

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This week on the New World's PlayStation Store update are demos for NBA 2K12 and Criterion's Burnout Crash!, which also releases as a digital title.

Resident Evil 4 and Saints Row 2 join the PSN catalogue, and Fallout: New Vegas receives it's Lonesome Road DLC, as does Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

THQ: "Big announcement coming soon" for Saint's Row 3

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In response to a question on Twitter, THQ core games VP Danny Bilson's revealed that a big Saints Row 3 announcement will be "coming soon".

"Big announcement coming soon." said Bilson in his tweet.

THQ "curtailing" younger licenses, "more to come" in new IP

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Publisher THQ will be reducing some of their "younger licensed products" as they're not working "as well as they used to." They'll be keeping a mix though.

Homefront and UDraw are both original creations for THQ and they want more "owned IP generation." No royalties to pay and they can license out instead.

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