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Section 8: Prejudice Features

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Interview: We drop in on Design Director Brett Norton for the story on Section 8: Prejudice...

We honestly liked Section 8, despite some of its flaws, so we're rather pleased to see a sequel in the works. Section 8: Prejudice will hopefully fix all of the important things from the first game, as well as expand on what was a rather fun experience. We say down...

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Preview: Section 8 may have started this war, but Strategy Informer is going to finish it...

How do you compete with Juggernauts like Call of Duty and Battlefield? How do you go from having previously relied on a publisher for support, to going at it alone? How do you succeed in a market that hasn't been fully mapped out yet? Industry veterans TimeGate Studios have been pondering the answers to these questions, and they feel like they've got a pretty decent...