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ShootMania Storm Features

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Interview: We find out more about Shootmania: Storm...

Fresh off the success of Trackmania 2, Nadeo seem to be taking big strides to further their ambitions for the Mania franchise, taking their next step with the FPS game Shootmania: Storm, as well as rolling out their ManiaPlanet system. We talk to Managing Director Florent Castelnérac about the new title and their plans for the future… ...

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Preview: From the trackway to the causeway - we take a look at Shootmania...

It’s not every day you meet a team with a true ‘vision’, especially one where they have the means to carry it through. And we’re not talking some airy-fairy vision of making a better world, but more of a simple, yet sophisticated idea for a franchise. You’ve all probably heard of TrackMania, the skill-based racing game that’s as much about building tracks as it is racing them,...