Silent Hill 4: the Room Summary

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Hideo Kojima's Famous 'Silent Hills' Playable Teaser 'P.T.' Is Being Recreated By A YouTuber, And It Looks Fantastic

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Though some might say we pretty much got a finished version of P.T in the form of Resident Evil 7, it certainly feels like Capcom merely did what Konami refused to do. Played more like a short, horrific 'walking simulator', Hideo Kojima's Silent Hill prototype still feels like its shrouded in mystery, but PC players may get to experience it yet.

Silent Hill: Revelations film production ago in Toronto, going 3D

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What's a film these days without 3D fanciness? Silent Hill: Revelations has begun production and casting in Toronto, Canada under Davis Films.

Actors Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington are reported to be attached. Davis Film produced two of the Resident Evil films and the first Silent Hill.

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