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Silent Hill: Homecoming Summary

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Horror house Frictional Games detail "10 ways to evolve horror games"

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Amnesia developer Frictional Games, a small studio in Sweden, has highlighted 10 points that will "evolve horror" as a genre. It's what is need to take horror "to the next level," they say.

It should start off "very mundane" in setting to give us normalcy so we can "draw close parallels" to our own lives. Let the horror elements take a while to build to so it hits better.

Silent Hill: Revelations film production ago in Toronto, going 3D

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What's a film these days without 3D fanciness? Silent Hill: Revelations has begun production and casting in Toronto, Canada under Davis Films.

Actors Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington are reported to be attached. Davis Film produced two of the Resident Evil films and the first Silent Hill.

Lionsgate's Silent Hill: Revelation is 3D, movie in pre-production

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A new Silent Hill film is in the works with Lionsgate Entertainment putting it together as a 3D horror flick, with Konami and Davis Films all attached.

Silent Hill: Revelation is based on the plot of Silent Hill 3. Michael. J. Bassett is both writer and director, as screenwriter Roger Avary is dropped.

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