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Sleeping Dogs Features

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Preview: E3 2010: True Crime goes to the streets of Hong Kong in its latest outing.

True Crime is best known for two things: being a Grand Theft Auto wannabe, and for making True Crime: Los Angeles with an almost exact representation of the city, one that puts GTA4's Liberty City, crafted after New York city, to shame. The latter is far outweighed by the former, but with a new city comes a new opportunity, and a new chance for...

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Preview: Alex Donaldson gets an updated look at Sleeping Dogs...

When I look at Sleeping Dogs, formerly 'True Crime', I'm not entirely sure why Activision dropped it. Picked up by Square Enix London Studios, renamed, rebranded and rebuilt, the game looks a hell of a lot better than the last time I saw it with Activision. The true story behind Activision spiking the game and its subsequent rescue by the folks at Square Enix is likely...