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Sniper Elite 4 Features

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Preview: Karl Fairburne is taking a trip to sunny Italy for his next holiday.

As a PC user, you may not think about the impact a new console generation will have when it comes to the games you play. You can typically expect to see better graphics, but you may not consider how the gameplay will change in some games. In the case of Sniper Elite 4, the developers have been able to take advantage of the latest hardware by increasing the size of the maps. How does this affect the gameplay?...

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Interview: Rebellion reveal more information about Sniper Elite 4!

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with Sniper Elite 4 then you have...

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Interview: Set your sights on our interview with Rebellion to get the latest information on Sniper Elite 4.

If you had told Sniper Elite developers, Rebellion, back...

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Preview: Sniper Elite 4: What we know about Rebellion's most expansive hunter-shooter.

Coming up on a forth entry, the Sniper Elite series has become a bit of a...