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New Maps And The Conclusion To Its Deathstorm Mini-Campaign Grace Sniper Elite 4 Next Week

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Rounding off a number of months of continued support, Sniper Elite 4 finished off its 3-part 'Deathstorm' mini-campaign by throwing seasoned sharpshooters back into Germany.

Sniper Elite 4 Patch Notes - Patch 1.4

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Releasing as the go-to Valentine's Day gift to those without significant others or those with the best partners ever, Rebellion put out Sniper Elite 4 - the next-gen vision of their marksmen shooter.

Infiltrate Italy Once More As Sniper Elite 4's 'Deathstorm Part 2' Campaign Releases Right Now

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Cast your mind back to last month and you may remember Rebellion stating how and when players would get their hands on the 3-part Sniper Elite 4 'Deathstorm' campaign. With Part 2 then scheduled for 'Late April', that day is today.

Learn Everything You Need To Know Of The Sniper Elite 4 'Deathstorm Part 1' Mission With This Short Trailer

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You've been hearing about it for weeks, but it's finally time to get head back to Italy. It's 1944 and there's some more atomic weapon tomfoolery afoot. And guess who's been drafted in to shut it down!

Sniper Elite 4 Gets New Screens Teasing The First Of Its 3-Part Deathstorm DLC Campaign

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For those who're a fan of vague screenshot reveals and popping people off from hundreds of metres away, Rebellion have just the thing for you.

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