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Sonic Mania Summary


Sonic Mania Review

The full review and impressions of Sonic Mania on PC! At last!

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Sonic Forces DLC May Add A Secret Ending, Along With Super Sonic [UPDATE: Super Sonic Is Out on PC!]

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Sonic Forces ended rather abruptly, with villains Infinite and Eggman disappearing after their boss fights - is the True Secret Ending being saved for a DLC expansion? If so, will Super Sonic be in it?

Sonic Mania Could Be Getting New DLC Titled 'Project Plus'

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A new potential DLC for retro Sonic game out this year has been spotted on Steam. What is the mysterious 'Project Plus'?

Sonic Mania PC Ultimate Guide!

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Tips, Special Stages, Boss Walkthroughs, Blue Rings and more! The complete guide to everything you need in Sonic Mania!

Read Part 2 of the Sonic Forces Prequel Comic For Free Here! Confirms Forces is a sequel to Mania!

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We've got the second issue of the Sonic Forces Prequel Comic, 'Stress Test'! Featuring Knuckles and Silver The Hedgehog, this comic confirms a fan theory that Forces is actually a sequel to Sonic Mania!

Christian Whitehead Reveals The Reason Knuckles And Puyo Puyo Made It Into Sonic Mania

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Sonic Mania, being a massive nod to the early years of the Sega's mascot, is filled to the brim with obscure references hiding in plain sight. But not all of these are shying away from players looking to be found.

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