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Space Hulk (2013) Latest News

Space Hulk: Ascension announced, coming to PC late this year

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Danish indie studio Full Control has announced that an enhanced standalone version of its boardgame adaptation Space Hulk will be coming to PC in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Space Hulk: Ascension will add RPG elements, new Genestealer variations, new mechanics, maps and a new Space Marine chapter to the original game's claustrophobic strategy.

Full Control's Space Hulk now for Linux users

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Turn-based strategy Space Hulk from Danish studio Full Control is now fully available to our alien PC gamer brethren over on Linux. The studio "actively support Valve's push" for more games on Linux.

From now on all future DLC releases for Space Hulk will launch "the same day as the PC." Smell that? It's the smell of equality. So far two new campaigns have released as DLC.

Two new campaigns released for Space Hulk, five new levels each

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Full Control has just released two new campaigns for their 3D turn-based Space Hulk. This new content also features Bulkhead Doors and Air Ducts to deal with as new tactical elements for the Space Marines.

The Sword of Halcyon and Defilement of Honour are the new campaigns which consist of five new levels each and "really shake up gameplay." Each is priced at £3.99 on Steam.

Full Control reveals Space Wolves chapter for Space Hulk

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Full Control has revealed the first chapter expansion for Space Hulk, the 3D turn based strategy game based on the board game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Full Control announce 'Messenger of Purgatory' campaign for Space Hulk

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The 3D turn-based Space Hulk from Danish studio Full Control will be expanding with a new campaign. Three new missions in Messenger of Purgatory will task us with finding the remains of Captain Atarius.

There's a huge number of bug fixes and gameplay enhancements, including an option to 'speed up' walking animations. The best part of all is that the add-on is free.

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