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Space Hulk reborn.

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Space Hulk: Ascension expansion introduces the Dark Angels

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Space Hulk: Ascension has a new expansion, adding yet another classic Space Marine chapter - this time it's the turn of grumpy, secretive space-knights the Dark Angels, or more specifically their elite Terminator squad, the Deathwing, to go around stomping some tyranid heads.

Danish studio Full Control to halt production of new properties, shifts focus to supporting existing games

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In what is arguably a sad development, Danish development studio Full Control have today announced that they will no longer be developing new games.

The recently released Space Hulk: Ascension Edition will be the last game the developer releases as it downsizes and focuses on community support for its existing titles.

Space Hulk: Ascension receives Salamanders Expansion today, features 20 new story and flash missions

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Full Control's Space Hulk: Ascension grows larger today as the Salamanders Expansion releases, which unlocks the Salamander Chapter. This include 20 new story missions, and another 20 flash missions to survive.

The Salamanders board the Space Hulk - Virtue of Hatred - to find pages from the Tome of Fire, or to exact havoc on those who defile them. New environmental challenges lurk in this 3D turn-based strategy.

Salamanders Expansion announced for Space Hulk: Ascension, due this month

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Full Control has just announced the Salamander Chapter will be available this month for Space Hulk: Ascension. The expansion will add 20 new story missions, and a further 20 flash missions to undertake.

It's their "most exciting chapter" yet for the 3D turn-based strategy, with a dash of RPG. They estimate over 30 hours of gameplay awaits, where the Salamanders board the Space Hulk 'Virtue of Hatred'.

Space Hulk: Ascension adds a new chapter and a new story campaign with the Imperial Fists Expansion

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It's always the Ultramarines, isn't it? Those self-important blue sods get all the credit and acclaim, and the poor old Imperial Fists have to wander around the Warhammer 40K universe, tidying up after orks and tyranids and getting absolutely no credit for it.

Well not longer. Indie developer Full Control has announced the first new content pack for its reworked board game adaptation Space Hulk: Ascension, the Imperial Fists Expansion. Can you guess what's in it?

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