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Preview: It’s chaotic, fun, and very, very pretty. Check out our latest preview of Disney's Split/Second.

If there’s one thing Britain can be proud of, it’s our racing game pedigree. Colin McRae, Project Gotham, Burnout and the upcoming Blur were all made in the UK, and we’ve now got a new triple-A title to add to our already...

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Preview: Arriving with a bang! (Xbox 360)

With some truly impressive big-hitters ready to play at this year’s Eurogamer Expo, many will have overlooked Split/Second’s potential. On the surface, it’s just another racing game trying to puff it’s chest out in a market dominated by the Forza’s, Gran Turismo’s and Burnout’s of our time. Give it a try however, and you’ll witness a driving game that loves to make a scene. It’s loud,...