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It's D-Day round two in this explosive thrills-per-minute racer.

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Ex-Bizarre Creations developer thinks next-gen consoles will "save" racing genre

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Former Bizarre Creation design manager Gareth Wilson thinks that the next generation of console will be the "savior" of the racing genre.

Evolution feared MotorStorm: Apocalypse spelled the end of the series

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Evolution Studios dev Matt Southern admitted that MotorStorm Apocalypse's commercial failure would have spelled the end of the offtrack racer series - not to mention the closure of the studio - and commended Sony for sticking with the series.

Split/Second studio Black Rock "officially closes its doors today"

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The Disney Interactive owned Black Rock Studios is now officially closed down confirms former director Nick Baynes. Three new studios have already formed.

Cancelled projects at Black Rock included a sequel to Pure, and to Split/Second. Some claimed Disney 'mishandled' the Brighton studio by outsourcing.

Disney moving from consoles to casual gaming?

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Analysts think Disney's closer of UK-based Black Rock is influenced by their perception that families are moving away from console gaming and embracing social networking and casual gaming such as Facebook.

Split/Second developer Black Rock Studios closed by Disney

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Brighton-based Black Rock Studios are set to shut their doors after Disney decides the developer is no longer feasible. Their latest project wasn't greenlit.

Earlier this year a workforce pruning left only 40 developers at the UK studio, of which two new studios sprung to life in their wake. Farewell Black Rock.

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