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Chris Hecker debuts new SpyParty artwork in action

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Well over a year ago, indie developer Chris Hecker showed some static screens of the graphic upgrade he was making to his addictive spy vs. assassin game SpyParty. Hecker has finally shown off the bump in visuals in one level of the game's open beta.

SpyParty open beta now available for preorders

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One of the more unique spy vs. assassin games, SpyParty, is now in open beta for players who preorder the game for $15.00 USD.

Indie sensation SpyParty gets graphic upgrade

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One of the most exciting indie games, Chris Hecker's SpyParty, has gotten a drastic upgrade in the visual department, thanks to EA/Maxis senior artist John Cimino. The blocky party guests will get a radical facelift.

SpyParty scoping targets at EVO 2012

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Chris Hecker's indie title SpyParty will be an Indie Showcase feature at EVO 2012, where attendees to the event could win one of the 50 beta keys for the spy vs. sniper title that's all about behaviour.

Two players are thrown into competition as one plays the spy at a party, and the other a sniper looking to figure out who they are amidst the guests and take a clean shot. Hecker is "unbelievably excited".