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Interview: Strategy Informer talks with Star Trek Online producer Craig Zinkievich..

Strategy Informer: So, supposedly we’re now less than 6 months till release providing you guys meet the “early” 2010 deadline. How does it feel to be this far along?Craig Zinkievich: It feels great to be this far along. It’s a lot of fun when you see a game that you have been working on for awhile start to take shape and come...

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Preview: Cryptic's MMO is only a few weeks away, but how is it shaping out? Click to find out.

I kind of feel sorry for Cryptic Studios. When J.J. Abrams was given permission to pump new life into a much loved franchise, not only did he coax Leonard Nemoy out of a 15 year hiatus, but he also got many of the other legends of the 'Original' series to come down and give their input. And yet all the creators of Star Trek's first MMO get are some pre-recorded sound bytes, and if the...