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Star Trek Online Latest News

LeVar Burton, Geordi La Forge himself, joins Star Trek Online

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Will be part of two new episodes celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation starting September 12.

Server-Wide giveaways announced for sixth anniversary of Star Trek Online

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There's quite a bit to be happy about for Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic studios. They're celebrating the sixth active year of their sci-fi MMORPG based on the hit franchise, Star Trek Online. In honor of this anniversary, they're giving away several goodies to loyal players.

Star Trek Online celebrates announcement of new Star Trek TV show by CBS with free stuff

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CBS just announced a new Star Trek television series based on the JJ Abrahms films that will be airing in 2017, and Star Trek Online is celebrating with free goodies for players.

Season 11 details unveiled for Star Trek Online

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Perfect World has revealed what players can expect in the 11th season of Star Trek Online dubbed "New Dawn", which will introduce a new Admiralty System gameplay mechanic, a revamped Cardassian mission series and a new story arc that will extend into 2016.

Season Eleven of Star Trek Online promises less war, more exploration

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Season Eleven of Perfect World Entertainment's Star Trek Online is on the way, bringing gameplay updates and an all-new story arc that will last “beyond 2016.”

“Following the epic conclusion of the five-year The Iconian War story arc, New Dawn will rise out of the grim wartime tale to introduce an all-new story focused on rebuilding and hope,” says the developer. “Discover a previously unknown civilization and uncover the mystery of a strange traveler from another time.”

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