Star Wars Galaxies: Trials Of Obi-Wan

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US Release date: 30 Nov, 2005
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Star Wars Galaxies: Trials Of Obi-Wan Summary

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Smedley: New Sony Online MMO is "not a new Star Wars game at all"

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Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has clarified his recent Reddit AMAA by stating that the new Sony MMO in the works is not Star Wars related, but will appeal to Star Wars Galaxies veterans.

He felt the need to make this clear after speculation began that it could see a return as Disney, now owner of the Star Wars IP, renewed the SWG trademark in December.

SOE's Vanguard, Wizardry Online, Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures closing

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Sony Online has announced the closure of four MMO properties as they each saw numbers dwindle so low they feel they couldn't justify keeping the doors open. "No more kids games," declares John Smedley.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes had been performing poorly "a long time", admits Smedley. Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures closed down first at the end of March.

Sony Online "still getting hate mail" for Star Wars: Galaxies NGE update

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Linda Carlson, director of global community relations at Sony Online Entertainment, has said developers are now "terrified of players," referring to the surge in 'toxic' feedback and personal attacks.

It leads to "severely demoralised" teams when an update displeases the community, causing volatile threats. However, she says, some of this is partly their own fault.

Star Wars Galaxies MMO now ended

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Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts' Star Wars Galaxies MMO has now officially switched off its servers, bringing an end to the long running saga which jumped to lightspeed in 2003.

In 2005 it was overhauled after developers acknowledged many faults with its design. Now the fanfare is over as Galaxies went out with a bang as Rebels and Imperials squared off.

Free-to-play Star Wars Galaxies "could not be implemented"

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Sony Online Entertainment have addressed an online petition to save Star Wars Galaxies, reiterating it was "mutually agreed upon" by SOE and LucasArts.

The decision to close the MMO was not "approached lightly or without very serious thought", and a possible free-to-play model was "part of our research".

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