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Juggernaut Games explain StarCrawlers' narrative AI, story and reputation

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With just one week left, StarCrawlers is almost $10k beyond its Kickstarter goal of $65k. The indie team has posted a new update digging more into their sci-fi dungeon crawlers' story, lore and narrative AI.

They explain what the first few missions are about and why, but then they move onto the level sculpting narrative AI system, and how it's tied in to your reputation with factions.

StarCrawlers achieves Kickstarter goal with 13 days remaining

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The sci-fi dungeon crawler from California-based Juggernaut Games has just managed its $65k Kickstarter goal, and it has just under a fortnight left. StarCrawlers is all about freelancer mercs exploring the fringes.

We're employed for asset recovery, corporate espionage, and just general mayhem. It's a first-person dungeon crawler, with narrative AI 'procedurally generating' our missions and levels.

StarCrawlers proposes procedural sci-fi dungeons, a strategic RPG with narrative AI

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San Diego-based Juggernaut Games would like us to put together a crack team of freelancers to duck and weave through corporate intrigue and crawl through sci-fi dungeons, all procedurally generated.

We'll be led down the various space corridors by a narrative AI that creates missions with randomised challenges, and we'll be juggling class modification and abilities - in space!

Newly formed Juggernaut Games developing StarCrawlers, a sci-fi dungeon-crawling RPG

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Independent game studio Juggernaut Games has announced their first title this morning, StarCrawlers, a sci-fi dungeon-crawling RPG for PC, Mac and Linux.

In the game you'll be tasked with running a crew of fixers taking shady jobs on the fringes of space where your choices change the way you explore the environment, fight your foes, resolve encounters, and how your story unfolds.

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