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We're Giving Away 10 Copies of Stars In Shadow - And It Couldn't Be Easier To Enter!

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The Legacies DLC expansion for this excellent 4X Strategy Game has just arrived, and we've teamed up with the developer to give away the full game COMPLETELY FOR FREE to 10 lucky winners!

Stars in Shadow: Legacies Is Out Now Bringing New Factions And Wrapping Up Its Big Mysteries

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Always pushing out one strategy game or another, Iceberg Interactive and Ashdar Games chose today to release the first major expansion back to their sci-fi 4X title Stars in Shadow.

4X space strategy Stars In Shadow gets first DLC 'Legacies' in September

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The first DLC for this cartoony tribute to 4X strategy classics will introduce a new faction of cyborgs.

Stars In Shadow Launches From Early Access On January 19th

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Iceberg Interactive have announced that sci-fi 4X strategy game Star in Shadow will finish its early access period on Steam and receive a full launch on January 19th 2017

The December 'Stars In Shadow' Update Offers Two More Strategic Faction Choices

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Looking to have a total of seven factions across 6 different races, Stars in Shadow just revealed two more leading up to that final count.

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