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Steel Division: Normandy 44 Summary


Steel Division: Normandy 44 Review

Not So Quiet On The Western Front.

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Steel Division: Normandy 44 Back To Hell DLC coming February 13, along with Free Co-op Pack

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Paradox's WW2 strategy will get its second paid expansion next month, and the next update will add free missions for the co-op campaign too.

Steel Division New Patch Changes The Meta

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Hopefully changing the meta to the betta.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 Patch Notes - Back In Black Update

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Appearing as if from nowhere, a lot could be said about Eugen Systems' Steel Division: Normandy 44 from its sudden announcement back in March. Now feature ready and already in the hands of RTS-affectionados, it's time to look forward to a brighter future - one befitting classic real-time strategy fans.

Paradox Interactive Explains Why They Only Released One Game in 2017

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Despite the release of several notable DLC expansions and console ports, Paradox's only game release in 2017 was Steel Division: Normandy 44 in May. Their CEO Fredrik Wester says this is "not good enough".

First DLC for Steel Division: Normandy 44 coming Sept 21, part in a rollout of new content including Co-op [UPDATE: New 'Closer Combat' Game Mode Revealed!]

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The Second Wave DLC for Steel Division: Normandy 44 out soon priced $7.99, rolls out four new divisions for the RTS - and developer Eugen Systems aren't stopping there with a roadmap of mostly free new content coming soon.

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