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At its core pretty much the finest in its genre, if missing some key content that'll be added via updates.

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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition coming to PC January 16, new content free to current owners

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The new updated version of SF5 will be out 2018 with all DLC characters and new Arcade Mode, and an Extra Battle Mode that sounds a lot like Injustice 2's Multiverse.

Akuma Is Playable Early After Capcom Accidentally Puts The Street Fighter V Patch In Beta

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This time not being blamed completely on dataminers - but still in partial thanks to them - players of Street Fighter V have the opportunity to play the game's December 20 update a little early than Capcom expected.

Akuma Returns To Street Fighter V With A New Introduction And Gameplay Trailer

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While not solely a PlayStation 4 game, Street Fighter V decided to use last week's PlayStation Experience event to re-introduce Akuma to the popular brawler.

Welcome The Spook To Russia With Street Fighter V Halloween DLC

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It seems Capcom view Russia as a bit of a scary place with an impending series of Halloween updates to Street Fighter V looking to fill the stage with carefully crafted pumpkins.

Bringing the October spook to the fan-favorite fighter, between October 11 to November 29 players get lap up a few different DLC sets including turning the Russia stage into a jack-o-lantern graveyard with a few dancers in the dingy backdrop for about $2.

New Street Fighter V update delivering Urien and a variety of new features this week

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It's kind of hard to believe that Street Fighter V had a rocky start at only the beginning of this year and is now running full-speed ahead to take the series to its best competitive level yet. We've already seen a slew of additional features and characters come to the game, but the next big update is already upon us, delivering the much anticipated Urien alongside a variety of additional content.

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