Street Fighter X Tekken Features

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Interview: He may not be a developer, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone more qualified to talk about this...

At Capcom’s recent Gamer’s Day event in London I got the chance to sit down with Seth Killian – a Street Fighter pro who Capcom invited to become their full time ‘Special Combat Advisor’ for fighting games during the production of Street Fighter IV.  Since then he’s held an instrumental role in the entire Street Fighter IV series, Marvel vs Capcom 3, the revival of Street Fighter III:...

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Preview: Round Two! FIGHT!

I feel a little bad about one aspect of Street Fighter X Tekken. I’ve always been a Street Fighter fan and have particularly fallen in love with the series again in the last few years – Street Fighter IV revived the franchise on a wider scale but for me personally was a watershed moment in gaming. 

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Preview: E3 2011: Next up, we take a look at the 'versus' fighter everyone's been waiting for...

I’ve got a lot of bloody hours logged on Super Street Fighter IV. Too many, in fact – and so it’s no surprise that on my Capcom booth tour at E3 2011 I spent an inordinate amount of time playing Street Fighter X Tekken.