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Capcom date new Strider February 19th, features two new challenge modes

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The brand-spanking new Strider will be releasing February 19th, announces Capcom. It'll be side-scrolling on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4 for £11.99. Also announced are two challenge modes.

Beacon Run offers a speed run gauntlet with checkpoints, while Survival Mode pits you against increasingly difficult waves of enemies with altering loadouts.

Report: Double Helix working on next-gen shooter for PC

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Killer Instinct developer Double Helix is reportedly working on an 'Unannounced Action Shooter' at the studio, alongside a Strider reboot. Apparently the action shooter is for next-gen consoles and PC.

It was senior VFX artist Allen Will's LinkedIn profile that mentioned the project. A few weeks back concept artwork leaked, created by The Last of Us artist James Paick.

New screenshots released for Strider

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Capcom has released a host of screenshots for its upcoming remake of the classic Strider, showing off a climactic battle between the titular character and the Orobouros.

New York Comic Con 2013: Strider playable on NYCC '13 floor

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Gamers who are attending New York Comic Con 2013 will have a special treat - the reboot of the classic scrolling shooter Strider will be playable on the show floor.

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Capcom announces Strider remake by Double Helix

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Capcom has unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2013 the return of Strider, which will be a digital title coming out on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in early 2014.