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We're streaming Sudden Strike 4 at 21:00 UK time/13:00 PT/16:00 ET! [UPDATE: YouTube Link available!]

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Sudden Strike 4 is now available, and we're playing the first hour later today! Come and check it out, we're better than a demo!

Sudden Strike 4 Release Date, System Requirements, Gameplay - Everything We Know So Far

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The Sudden Strike series is a renowned World War II, real-time strategy game developed by Fireglow and published by Kalypso Media. Within Sudden Strike 4 the player can choose one of three factions to either play campaign, skirmish or test your skills against another commander in multiplayer. Your choices are from the Allies, the Germans and the Soviets.

Kalypso Media Went Into Sudden Strike 4 Identifying How To Keep The Long-Standing Sudden Strike Playerbase Happy

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The Sudden Strike series has a long, expansive history within the RTS community. Still holding onto a stable playerbase with past titles, the staff of Kalypso Media and KITE went into Sudden Strike 4 with a clear vision of how to keep its established scene on their side.

Sudden Strike 4 Slots Itself In For An August 11 Release

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It's been a long-time coming, but Sudden Strike 4 is finally set to release. Kalyspo Media have set aside August 11 as the day the RTS classic makes a reappearance.

Kalypso Media Is Offering An Extra Sudden Strike 4 Discount Through The Game's Companion App

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Ever heard of a publisher offering discounts of an un-released game through a companion app before? We haven't. But that's what Kalpyso Media is doing for Sudden Strike 4.

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