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Survarium's 0.30 update adds free-for-all deathmatch and facial customisation options

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Vostok Games' post-apocalyptic shooter Survarium will receive a bunch of new features in its 0.30 update, which is available to try out on the game's public test server right now.

The test server is only available to players who registered on the Survarium website on or before July 23, and its not open at all to those who own a Steam copy, but the patch should roll out officially sometime soon.

Survarium servers to be un-merged after users report heavy lag‏

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Vostok Games launched North American servers for its post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter Survarium last month, at the same time as the game launched on Steam. It then decided to merge them with the European servers, ultimately leaving NA players unhappy with high pings.

So now they’ve changed their minds again. In a Twitlonger post, Vostok explained that the next update would be un-merging the game’s servers once again.

Survarium update changes up Factions, adds ranked game mode

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Update 0.28a for Vostok Games' post-apocalyptic shooter Survarium is now live, bringing big changes to the game's faction system, and a new 'Ranking Match' game mode.

In this latest build the reputation required to unlock a rank in each specific faction has been increased, while each faction has also been given new beginner and maximum level items. Existing items have also been reshuffled between ranks, so some are purchasable earlier on while other s have been shifted back.

Post-apocalyptic MMO shooter Survarium coming to Steam Early Access this week

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Vostok Games’ post-apocalyptic, massively multiplayer shooter Survarium is set to launch on Steam Early Access this week, on Thursday, April 2.

Right now you'll only be able to test out the game's PvP mode, but others are on the way including the very intriguing Freeplay mode, which will let you explore the irradiated wasteland with friends and strangers.

New patch for Survarium tweaks experience points and ammunition

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Vostok Games' open world shooter Survarium has received a big patch which, among other changes, readjusts how experience and reputation points are distributed and removed the limit on how much ammunition you can use in combat.

Patch 0.27a is now available for the public to try after a period of testing, and comes with plenty of other tweaks and gameplay additions.

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