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Surviving Mars Curiosity Update Patch Notes - Releasing on 28th May

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Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games has announced that the Curiosity Update for Surviving Mars will be released on 28th May for PC, Mac and Linux, with the console update coming on 12th June if all goes to plan.

Surviving Mars - Spirit Update and Patch Notes Details

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The latest patch for Surviving Mars - the Spirit Update - brings major changes to the game, including a tribute to Stephen Hawking, the ability to rename buildings, and less idiocy. We've got all the details.

Surviving Mars - Wildfire Guide

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Struggling with the hardest Mystery storyline Surviving Mars has to offer? Here is everything to know about the Wildfire epidemic and how to cure it.

The Best Surviving Mars Mods

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Surviving Mars has grown quite the modding community since launch, who've produced several fantastic mods that improve or change the game in fantastic ways. Here is the cream of the crop.

Surviving Mars: Connecting Domes Guide

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Not exactly what you hope it is.

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