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Syndicate Wars Summary

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5Lives Studios reveal Kickstarter countdown, suggest 'Syndicate successor'

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What the heck did I just watch? It gave me tingly feelings I know that much. Good tingly feelings? Perhaps. I'll have to wait 35 days until I can know for sure, but 5Lives Studios is the source of this mystery.

A video has been posted by the totally unheard of studio that teases a Bullfrog Productions bigwig who, back in 1996, helped make a little something for PC. Now they want to 'redefine the genre'...

Starbreeze "big fans" of Bullfrog's Syndicate, 'was always FPS'

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The Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick's Starbreeze Studios love the first-person shooter, which is why Syndicate's revival "was always going to be an FPS."

The concept was to "zoom into the Agent's head" from the original game, created by Bullfrog Productions. They want to explore the "core essence" of an Agent.

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