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Syndicate Latest News

5Lives Studios reveal Kickstarter countdown, suggest 'Syndicate successor'

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What the heck did I just watch? It gave me tingly feelings I know that much. Good tingly feelings? Perhaps. I'll have to wait 35 days until I can know for sure, but 5Lives Studios is the source of this mystery.

A video has been posted by the totally unheard of studio that teases a Bullfrog Productions bigwig who, back in 1996, helped make a little something for PC. Now they want to 'redefine the genre'...

Starbreeze set to bring "something unique and new" with P13, "never going" F2P

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Mikael Nermark of Starbreeze, the studio that brought us Syndicate and Chronicles of Riddick, says their latest project P13 has left fans "very surprised" they're behind this new game.

It will deliver something "unique and new to the table" in gaming terms. Also the CEO says Starbreeze are "never going to do free-to-play" as it's costly and hard to "cater to everyone".

Starbreeze "proud" of Syndicate despite poor sales

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Despite poor sales, Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark proud of what his team achieved with the Syndicate remake.

Syndicate Sales "hurt" By GAME Troubles

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Starbreeze has claimed GAME's recent troubles "hurt" the sales of Syndicate.

Released in late February, the shooter only graced the shelves of GAME and Gamestation temporarily after a collapse of terms between EA and the struggling company.

Starbreeze's Cold Mercury 'goes freemium'

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Syndicate developer Starbreeze has announced its upcoming Cold Mercury game will be entering the freemium market, but they will "not leave the AAA segment," says CEO Mikael Nermark.

They're also after a distribution deal for project P13, this is in collaboration with Swedish movie director Josef Fares. They're after new "models and segments that have arisen".

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