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Syndicate Features

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Interview: We talk with Executive Producer Jeff Gamon to find out why Syndicate went FPS.

So, the game that gamers have been waiting all year for has finally been announced, but is it what they were expecting? We think not - the 'reboot' of Syndicate has gone all first-person shooter, and we talked to Executive Producer Jeff Gamon to find out why: Strategy Informer: Well I imagine the first thing...

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Preview: Corporately re-structuring your face, one bullet at a time...

You know how a lot of people been wanting a new Mirror's Edge game? Well I think I just found the next best thing. EA's reboot of the classic Syndicate franchise takes the player away from the more strategic world of Corporate-Management at gunpoint, and more into the world of Corporate-Management at gunpoint in first person. It's probably not what the old-school fans were hoping for, but...