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Take On Mars With The Manned Mission When Bohemia's Space Adventure Leaves Early Access Next Month

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Matt Damon made a keen return to form in 2015 with the release of The Martian. With his face plastered on every billboard, bus stop and magazine cover for a little while, it was hard no to take him up on the offer of seeing him grow potatoes on the desolate red planet thanks to the nutrients of his own excrement. Take On Mars takes a similar stand.

E3 2015: Beta for Bohemia Interactive's Take On Mars coming this Summer

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Take On Mars, Bohemia's survival game in which players take on the role of an astronaut exploring the Red Planet, has been in Early Access on Steam for almost two years. Very nearly as long as it would take to organise an ACTUAL survey mission to Mars.

Thankfully, the game look like it's edging nearer to completion. A new trailer shown at the PC Gaming Show yesterday reveals that a Beta version of the final product is on the way this Summer.

Military sim Arma 3 begins free weekend on Steam, part of publisher sale

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Now's a good time to check in on Bohemia Interactive's latest military simulator Arma 3 if it's been on your 'to do' list but you haven't gotten round to it. It's enjoying a free weekend on Steam, with it discounted by 50%.

In fact there's a host of savings on Bohemia's titles from the standalone DayZ to the Red Planet visiting Take On Mars. Sorry but only Arma 3 is free to try out this weekend. Who can resist the allure of the 'Play Game' button?

Bohemia's Take On Mars expected to fully release in June, beta in early April

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Bohemia Interactive has posted their 'roadmap to release' for Take On Mars, the simulation game that lets us try to colonise Mars as the very first humans. It all started with just a Martian-bound rover.

Now it's time to start setting up mankind's very first presence on the Red Planet. The published roadmap sets June as the target date for the final release, with early beta due in early April.

Expedition One update for Bohemia's Take On Mars launched

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The first major content update in Take On Mars' new chapter has released with Expedition One marking the game's first manned mission to the Red Planet, following our time remotely controlling a probe.

A new 8x8 kilometre of Martian terrain opens up for these first marsonauts to explore with a science buggy providing them essential tools. Can Mars be colonised? Bohemia issues the challenge.

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