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The Adventures of Shuggy Latest News

Puzzle platformer The Adventures of Shuggy gets PC release

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A year ago, The Adventures of Shuggy was released on Xbox Live Arcade. The puzzle platformer earned generally positive reviews, and has now been released on Steam and from the developer directly.

The Adventures of Shuggy landing on Steam

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Smudged Cat Games has announced that the critically praised Xbox Live Arcade game The Adventures of Shuggy will be landing "soon" on Steam. The game was originally created using Microsoft's XNA development tool.

The Adventures of Shuggy released for XBLA

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Valcon Games has announced a new puzzle-platformer for Xbox Live Arcade, The Adventures of Shuggy, which is now available on Marketplace. The game features 116 unique single-player levels, each with its own rules. The game also includes both local co-op and competitive online multiplayer on Xbox Live.